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Saltwater Flytyers has expanded into Oyster Creek Outfitters! We are a full service outfitter for all your fly fishing needs… whether it's a steelhead adventure to British Columbia or an adventure to fish golden dorado in the cloud forests of Bolivia, we can provide equipment, flies, gear, and advice. We carry brand names like Patagonia, Abel, Nautilus, Scientific Anglers, Ross, Hardy, Dynaking, Enrico Puglisi, Estaz, Just Add H2O, Dr. Slick and many more!

Bluewater Flies

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We continue to offer the best in blue water off shore flies and rigging, and have not only added four new tyers to the shops unique fly selection, but we have added some warm water patterns for our local bass fishermen. adding fresh water flies and equipment adds a new dimension to the store and website. By the time spring arrives we will have a full complement of Temple Fork Outfitters new Mangrove Rods, the Classic BVK Rods and Reels, Bob Clouser Rods, and their new Spinning Rods and Reels.

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We are adding many new bonefish, permit, and tarpon fly patterns that should cover every saltwater need.

From Sailfish to Redfish...We Have What you Need to Catch Them!!

Give us a try, you won't be sorry... We Guarantee it 100% or your money back, no-questions-asked guarantee. Use our online shopping cart or call us.

... and don't forget about fly tying night! If you are anywhere near North East Florida, contact us for more information!

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