Cortland Precision Saltwater Leaders

Our all-purpose Precision Saltwater leaders are made from hard nylon for superior abrasion resistance ans increased stiffness. Designed with a long butt section and aggressive taper to turn over heavy flies, each comes with a pretied Perfection loop more info

Cortland Precision Bonefish / Permit Leaders

Precision Bonefish/Permit leaders feature just the rigth amount of stiffness to turn over flies in windy conditions while maintaining a degree of delicacy in the presentation. Extruded from super-strong co-polymer nylon, they come with pretied Perfec more info

Umpqua Glide Line Dressing With Line Dressing Box

Glide Line Dressing helps you shoot fly line farther with greater ease. Glide can be used on any fly line types and protects lines so that they will perform better and last longer. Also features Umpqua Line Dressing Box with four replaceable felt pad more info