Nippers and Clippers, oil for your reels, boxes for your flies, and wipes for your glasses, we have them. If we don't have what you need we'll do our best to get it for you.

Umpqua No Slip Forceps With Scissors

High Quality Stainless Steel Forceps with Scissors. Textured No-Slip Rubber Grip. 6 Inches. more info

Umpqua UPG Fly Box Streamer Blue

For all of your buggers and streamers!! You love to throw big stuff to big fish. That's why you strip and swing anything it takes to bring up carnivores that only move for some serious protein. more info

Umpqua Glide Line Dressing With Line Dressing Box

Glide Line Dressing helps you shoot fly line farther with greater ease. Glide can be used on any fly line types and protects lines so that they will perform better and last longer. Also features Umpqua Line Dressing Box with four replaceable felt pad more info