Leaders and Tippet

Scientific Anglers Big Game Fluorocarbon Tippet 30M

For years, our tippet materials were marketed as being something they weren’t. The diameters, breaking strengths, and performance just weren’t accurate—or up to par with our own rigorous standards. Our new Fluorocarbon tippet is, simply put, th more info

Scientific Anglers Hard Mono AR Tippet

Abrasion resistance is a real concern when fighting fish that run and hide behind coral heads, mangrove roots, or logjams. Our Hard Mono AR tippet, with the highest abrasion resistance in the industry, will put a stop to these hucksters and help you more info

Scientific Anglers Saltwater Leaders

Designed with low visibility in mind for fish on the flats, our nylon Saltwater leaders are perfect for chasing permit, redfish, bonefish, and other saltwater game. The unique taper helps turn over flies and three different breaking strengths help yo more info

Airflo Polyleader Saltwater

Tough and durable for harsh saltwater conditions, Airflo's Saltwater PolyLeaders maintain their ability to control fly presentation through a wide range of water temperatures. From redfish in the south to stripers in the north, the choice of leader d more info

Airflo Polyleader Bonefish

These bonefish leaders allow perfect presentation with long tippet lengths and delicate patterns on calm shallow flats or short tippets and lead-eyed flies in tough windy conditions. The harder polymer gives greater abrasion resistance and stiffness more info

Airflo Polyleader Tarpon

Featuring a harder polymer coating which not only increases the abrasion resistance but also maintains the correct level of flexibility in hot humid conditions. The taper passes on casting energy efficiently to turn over large tarpon flies even in wi more info

Cortland Precision Saltwater Leaders

Our all-purpose Precision Saltwater leaders are made from hard nylon for superior abrasion resistance ans increased stiffness. Designed with a long butt section and aggressive taper to turn over heavy flies, each comes with a pretied Perfection loop more info

Cortland Precision Bonefish / Permit Leaders

Precision Bonefish/Permit leaders feature just the rigth amount of stiffness to turn over flies in windy conditions while maintaining a degree of delicacy in the presentation. Extruded from super-strong co-polymer nylon, they come with pretied Perfec more info