Tarpon Flies

Our tarpon flies are tried and true. Most of our tarpon flies are tied by experienced tarpon fishermen and tie for us their best tarpon fly patterns. These tarpon anglers and guides bring years of experience to our collection of tarpon flies for locals including the Florida Keys, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico, as well as Florida's home of the giants, Homosassa. Call us for special orders. If you want Toads we will tie them, if you like classics, we are experts taught by masters in the sport. If you like the latest and greatest, we will tie them for you. We use Gamakatsu or Owner hooks and will rig your flies to IGFA standards or to your specifications. Call us at 904-535-6929, ask for Don Reed.

Yellow Badger Featherwing Tarpon Fly 1/0 Tied by Chris Dean

Chris Dean's small Ocean side utility tarpon fly. Great local tie. more info

Black and Purple Classic Marabou Toad Fly 2/0

Chris Dean's classic local tie of a Gulf side, backcountry Toad Fly...nothing like a 130lb. fish opening its five gallon bucket sized mouth and inhaling one of these. What happens next is up to you. more info

Chris' Classic Marabou Chartreuse and Yellow Toad Fly 1/0

Bright day fly for the Ocean or Back side...local tie by Chris Dean. more info

Chris' Classic Marabou Tan and Orange Toad Fly 2/0

Variety is the spice of life and in tarpon fishing this variety has proven very spicy. Chris Dean's tie is perfectly balanced for the Keys. more info

Chris' Classic Marabou Chartreuse and Tan Toad Fly 1/0

Unusual color combination but has been very effective. Chris Dean's usual great tie. more info