Top Water Flies

SWFT White/Chartreuse Goggle Eyed Gurgler 1/0

Tried and True Goggle Eyed Gurgler, takes snook, redfish, baby tarpon, as well as any freshwater fish that will hit a popper. more info

SWFT Chartreuse/Yellow Goggle Eyed Gurgler 1/0

Fly is designed to hang in the water at 45 degrees and sits so that the eyes are exposed and with the lips above the water. The Goggle Eye Gurgler either dives and gurgles or pops and spits depending on the retrieve. Perfect for attracting big redfis more info

SWFT White/Red Goggle Eyed Gurgler 1/0

White and red Goggle Eyed when the chartreuse gives out, actually both work equally well. more info

SWFT Goggle Eyed Gurgler Trevor's Frog

Deadly bass fly! Available in two sizes, the larger for bass and the smaller for brim. Easy to cast lively in the water. more info

Tullis Wiggle Bug Chartreuse 1/0

Wiggles, dives, and makes lots of noise. Great top water fly. Casts easily. more info

Tullis Wiggle Bug White 1/0

White often works when no other color will. more info