Absolutely the best hook made for saltwater fly tying. Gamakatsu is the only hook company that cortrols every step of the process of building their hooks, from the billits of high carbon steel to the finishing process, they control every step of their closely held proprietary process to produce the absolute best hook anywhere. For flytying these hooks are unsurpassed in design, sharpness, and durability. We carry a complete line of their fly hooks including the B10S series which carries over from fresth to saltwater. Sticky sharp and frankly, never need resharpening. Bends like the SL12S series, SC15, SP11 3H-3L, SL11-3H, SC17, are all in stock and ready to ship. You can spend less money on hooks but for the small difference in price think about the logic...all the preparation, the money spent on gear, on travel, fly lines, flytying materials...where the rubber meets the road is the connection to the fish, buy the best.

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