Synthetic Materials

Saltwater Flytyers has the broadest range of saltwater specific synthetic materials you will find anywhere. We have all the latest brushes from Enrico Puglisi as well as EP Fiber and Sparkle material. Krystal flash and Flashabou from Hedron and Hairline Dubbin is a must for any tyer. Montana Fly supplies some of the most innovative brushes and rubber legs you will find anywhere. Edge Water products Master Blaster Kits and Master Jack poppers are hard to find other places but we carry more of their line than we can get on the page. Estaz is the best synthetic chenille we can find and we have Estaz, Estaz Grande, and Metallique in sock and ready to go. Fishient Group's Just Add H2O is one of the most interesting material in flytying and we offer fly tiers the best selection found anywhere. We have many other synthetics as well, if you can't find what you are looking for call us.