Goggle Eye Frog

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Tying Instructions:

f Basic blank for the template of the large fresh water version. Note that the B10S version fishes equally well in saltwater as fresh. We make a smaller version as well. See the templates included.


f Secure a Gamakatsu B10S 1/0 or 2/0 hook in the vice.



f 1. Using Gamakatsu B10S 1/0 or 2/0 hook, start wrapping hook shank from ¼” behind the eye of the hook. Wrap to the bend of the hook and then back to just over the hook point. Tie in a small tuft of redfox tail fur. Cement in well.


f 2. Tie in the foam blank by the small end wrapping it back against tail. Cement the wraps securely. Return the thread to in front of the tie in.


f 3. Select four strands of medium round rubber legs. Double the four strands around the thread, divide them and tie them securely so that they trail well above the hook bend. See detail below.


f 3.a Detail of tying in the rubber legs.



f 4. On top of the rubber legs, tie in two large furnace neck hackles. Use sufficient cement to firmly secure the butts of the feathers. Advance the thread to about ¼” behind the eye of the hook as illustrated.


f 5. Palmer in the furnace hackle one at a time to make a full body.



f 6. After both feathers are palmered in and tied off, trim the tops off, but not completely. Not illustration.



f 7. Spread the feather barbs to either side and fold towards the rear of the hook. Pull the foam blank forward loosely. Pinch the foam around the shank, wrap the flat waxed nylon around gingerly, forming a collar. Make at least six to eight turns.


f 8. Fold the rest of the foam blank roughly in half as illustrated forming a nice lip extending over the eye of the hook. Pinch the collar and tie the collar down with the flat side of the waxed thread. Make another six to eight wraps of the thread. Hold the lip up and wrap the thread in front of the lip about three to four wraps.

f 9. Make a double weed guard by pinching about two inches of 20# Mason Hard Mono in half. Make the pinch sharp. Hold the lip up, slide the weed guard over the hook shank leaving 1/8” of the pinched mono standing above the shank. Wrap six tight courses of thread around the guard and then four to six behind the weed guard making it stand the lip up against it. Make a nice head and whip finish. Using cyanoacrylate fast setting cement, coat the collar wraps, the weed guard and cement in the stems of the eyes in the fold of the lip.

f 10. Add the eyes using 2-3mm of the stem. Trim the ends of the weed guard, clean up the excess cement with a paper towel. Notice the way the tip of the weed guard makes the lip stand up, it makes the fly pop much better.