Clouser Minnow

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Clouser Step 1 Step 1. Place the hook in the vise hook point down. Sharpen the hook. Wrap the hook shank from 1/8” behind the eye of the hook to the middle of the hook shank. Wrap back toward the eye to just about 1/3rd of the shank.


Clouser Step 2 Step 2. Apply a coat of Dave’s Flexament Cement over the hook shank. Place the lead eyes over the top of the shank opposite the hook point. Wrap thread six times across the eye, then cross six times the opposite direction and then wrap several courses under and around the eyes. Wrap the thread to about 1/8” behind the hook eye. Clouser Step 2




Clouser Step 3 Step 3. Use a small amount of white bucktail. Pull out the stray fibers and cut the butts on a very slight angle. Soak the butts in cement, carefully catch the tips of the fur with a wrap of thread just firm enough to start to hold them in place, make several more wraps getting progressively tighter securing the bunch on the top of the hook shank. Pull the bucktail back stretching the bunch over the shank of the eye. Move the thread to just behind the eyes. Make several wraps around the bucktail, make three open wraps back towards the hook bend, make three or four wraps and return the thread to just behind the eye.


Clouser Step 4 Step 4. Either roll the vise 180 degrees or carefully invert the hook in the vise. Move the thread to the point behind the eye of the hook. Cut and tie in ½ the upper wing using the same technique used on the lower wing.


Clouser Step 5 Step 5. Cut five or six strands of Krystal Flash long enough to double. Wrap the strands around the thread, double evenly, pull the flash up to top wing and tie in. Finish the top wing with the other half of the wing in and whip finish the head. Apply a coat of head cement.