Surf Candy

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Surf Candy Step 1 Step 1. Place the hook in the vise and sharpen as necessary.



Surf Candy Step 2 Step 2. Tie in the thread at the hook eye, coat with Dave’s Flexament Cement, and wrap to the bend of the hook. Tie in the mylar and wrap the thread to the hook eye. Wind the mylar forward to the eye of the hook and tie off and trim.



Surf Candy Step 3 Step 3. Tie in a small amount of white Super Hair and cement the wraps. Cut six or eight strands of pearl Flashabou and double them around the tying thread. Pull the flash to the top of the hook and wrap them in securely. Cut an equal amount of olive Super Hair and tie in on top of the white Super Hair and the flash. Use an ample amount of cement. Wrap a neat head and whip finish. Surf Candy Step 3b





Surf Candy Step 4 Step 4. Pull the combined materials toward the hook bend and cut using a pair of scissors you would use on synthetics. Make the cut on a diagonal to start the shaping into a fish tail.



Surf Candy Step 5 Step 5. Pull the fibers together a stretch tight. Soak the head thoroughly with 5 Minute Zpoxy to the hook bend with head cement. Hold in place until the cement becomes firm.



Surf Candy Step 6 Step 6. Using a bodkin, pick an eye off the tape of eyes and place it on the close side of the fly and then flip it over and match an eye on the other side. Apply a second coat of Zpoxy over the head avoiding disturbing the eyes. Be sure to coat over the eyes. Rotate the fly until the Zpoxy starts to set. Allow the Zpoxy to fully set. Once set shape the tail into a fly shape and the fly is finished.